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Find Paying Speaking Gigs. Right Now.

Diamond Program - By Invitation Only

Save Hundreds of Hours

Find People & Events that Pay

Get the Right Leads, Right Now

Exponentially Expand Your Speaking Business with Diamond

​Unlock a wealth of business growth opportunities and top-level contacts tailored for the seasoned professional speaker aiming to significantly elevate their earnings.

  • Enhanced Visibility: Elevate your brand presence among a global list of top event planners.

  • Time Efficiency: Swiftly identify and connect with decision-makers seeking your expertise.

  • Strategic Advantage: Leverage cutting-edge AI and GPT technology to stay a step ahead.

Sam Richter, Intel Engine Creator and Member of the Professional Speaker Hall of Fame

  • Access proprietary databases featuring 40,000+ conferences and 60,000+ decision-makers with contact information (including speaker bureaus).

  • Download lists of conferences that pay and decision-makers who hire - easily use with any email program.

  • Search every publicly listed conference in the world, and find hundreds of thousands of meeting planners and executives.

  • Integrated inside the full Intel Engine for Professional Speakers. - you have unlimited access to all Engine features.

  • *Limited membership program - no direct competitors on your specific speaking topic and no "spamming" of planners.

Discover Conferences, Decision-Makers, Executives, Companies, and more

As a professional speaker, you don't have time to waste calling on events that don't pay, or contacting the wrong decision-makers with an irrelevant message. 

  • Search an extensive database of past conferences and decision-makers.

  • Create and download lists of conference opportunities and meeting planners with contact information.

  • Search more than 800 million executives and access their email addresses and phone numbers.

  • Identify planners, executives, and bureau representatives at companies and associations.

  • Research companies by industry, location, size, and more.

  • Ensure your message is relevant and powerful in every sales call and every presentation.

  • Access powerful GPT and AI features, including news, research reports, and auto follow-up resources.

  • Implement a proven prospecting and sales workflow, complete with scripts and video training.

The Diamond Speaker Program is limited and offered by invite only.*


Diamond Conference Database


Conference Search Engine


Organization Search Engine


Diamond Decision-Maker Database


Decision Maker Profile Search Engine


Sales Workflow, Scripts, and Video Training

Diamond Program Frequently Asked Questions

Can anyone join the Diamond Speaker Program? No. Access is by invite only and restricted to speakers in non-direct competitive genres who earn a minimum of $10,000 per keynote. 

If I am able to join the Diamond Speaker Program, can I invite others? No, not on your own. However, you can certainly have someone contact us with your referral, and if that person's expertise is not covered by another speaker already in the program, they will be invited to join.

Is there any other reason than fee range or genre that someone might not be able to join? Yes. Total membership is limited to a select number so that decision-makers in our proprietary databases aren't hearing from too many speakers. In addition, speakers are held to the standard of ethics of the National Speakers Association, and any violation will result in immediate membership termination. 

Why do you limit membership? Because members have access to a proprietary database of conferences and decision-makers, we want to ensure that only a few select speakers are contacting those in the Diamond database. The Diamond Program is not designed as a resource for mass marketing; rather, it is designed so that only a limited number of world-class speakers are reaching out to qualified decision-makers. In addition, we want to ensure that members receive a positive return on their Diamond Membership investment by booking just one additional speech they otherwise would not have booked on their own.

How do you choose who can become a member? Members are selected on a first-come basis based solely on genre and the number of available openings in the program. For example, if a speaker's core expertise is on "Customer Service," there are only a limited number of other speakers on that broad topic allowed into the program. And within a genre, we try and limit direct competitors on a specific topic. For example, there may be two or three speakers on "Customer Service" but only one on "Using Technology for Customer Service Efficiency. If that speaker were ever to discontinue their membership, then that slot would open up. In addition, the total number of members is also limited. This ensures that only a few speakers contact the decision-makers in the Diamond Database, as it's imperative that decision-makers are not inundated with messages about speaking at their conference.

How often can I use the Diamond Intel Engine features?
Your membership starts the second you join, and you have unlimited access to the Engine. Your subscription will automatically renew on your one-year purchase anniversary.

Do I have to pay more if you come out with a new version?
Nope! Once you're a member, you'll receive unlimited access to everything in the Engine, including any new updates. So long as you don't cancel your membership, your price will not change.

How do I cancel my membership if I am unhappy?
We would never want you to be unhappy! You can cancel your membership at any time - click on the people icon in the upper right once logged in and click the Manage Subscriptions link. Once you cancel, any upcoming annual payments will be automatically canceled.

Can I use the Intel Engine to create lists?

Yes. The Diamond Engine proprietary databases allow you to search for and download lists of conferences and decision-makers. You also can research additional opportunities using the Professional Speaker Intel Engine features. 

How do I know that the results found using the Diamond Intel Engine are accurate?
With any online search, there is no guarantee that the information is accurate or current. However, we constantly work to verify the conferences and decision-makers in the Diamond proprietary databases. With lists you create using the Diamond proprietary databses, assume that 70%+ of the data is accurate, as sometimes conferences are no longer held and decision-makers change jobs. With the additional search features, the Diamond Engine has built-in logic that runs in the background to filter out results from non-reputable sources.

How often is the information updated? For the proprietary Conference database, we feature conferences going back many years as typically, if a conference is held one year, it's historically held around the same time in a future year. So, for example, if a national association conference was held in June of 2019, there is a high likelihood that the conference will be held in the spring of 2027. In addition, we add new conferences every month. For the proprietary Decision-Maker database, we add and verify contact information multiple times each week. For the Speaker Engine features, the information is as current as is found online, for example, as someone updates a news article, press release, database, website, and/or LinkedIn profile. 

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